Meetings, Minutes and Agenda

Meetings, Minutes and Agenda

The Board of Directors meeting, for May, has been cancelled due to lack of quorum.  The Board will take an email vote regarding Covenant issues.  The next meeting will be Tuesday, June 13 at 7pm.

I. Adoption of Agenda

II. Guest Speakers
A. Jeremy Scharfenberg – CA Energy Manager
B. Resident Speak-out

III. Approval of the April 12, 2023 Board Minutes

IV. Dismissal of the Board and Seating of the New Board
A. Dismissal of Old Board
B. Seating of New Board
C. Selection of Chairman and Vice-Chairman
D. Board Appointments
E. Appointment of Village Manager

V. Reports
A. Covenants Advisor
B. Manager

VI. Business
A. Donation request
B. 4th Quarter Report

VII. Board Member Comments

VIII. Adjournment