About Us

The Dorsey’s Search Community Association mission shall promote the health, safety, common good and social welfare of Dorsey’s Search residents.  The Board’s mission is not for pecuniary gain or profit.  The Village will sponsor, engage in, conduct and encourage cultural, educational, social, civic and other beneficial activities.

History of Dorsey’s Search

The 9th village to be developed, Dorsey’s Search’s first residents began moving into Dorsey Hall in 1980.  Since then the Dorsey’s Search population has grown to approximately 7,500 people.  The village is comprised of two neighborhoods, Dorsey Hall and Fairway Hills.

Dorsey Hall, the first neighborhood in the village, was named after the Dorsey Hall Manor House, which was built by the Dorsey family in the early 1700′s.  This neighborhood consists primarily of detached homes.  The Fairway Hills neighborhood, whose name is inspired by the Allview Golf Course on which the neighborhood was built, was designed to include a mix of dwellings – townhomes, condominimums, and apartments – and a new golf course, the Fairway Hills Golf Club (a Columbia Association facility).  The picturesque stone clubhouse dates to the mid-1800′s when it was a private residence and has survived to serve both Allview and Fairway Hills.  The Village’s street names were selected from the works of Oliver Wendell Holmes and Ogden Nash.

The Dorsey’s Search Meeting Room was built in 1982 so residents had space for meetings and small community gatherings.  As the village population increased, the Columbia Association constructed Linden Hall in 1991/1992.  Linden Hall is the home to the village offices and serves as a community center for many different functions.


The Village Staff will gladly help direct you to find the answers you need.  In addition to referring you to different organizations, answering your questions, or directing you to a possible answer, we provide our residents with:

  • Resale/Legal Documents  ($35)
  • Covenant Information
  • HOA management company phone numbers
  • Newsletter
  • Faxing/Coping Service
  • Laminating Services
  • Resident Advocacy

Displayed magazines or brochures in the office, does not indicate endorsements or recommendations for events or products.

Utilities, Schools, and Amenities


BGE 410-685-0123 website
Verizon 410-954-6260 website
Comcast 888-266-2278 website
DIRECTV 877-798-6070 website

Trash & Recycling Pickup

Howard County 410-313-4900 website

Water & Sewer

Howard County 410-313-4400  website

Public Schools

Dorsey’s Search is served by 2 elementary schools (Northfield & Running Brook), 2 middle schools (Wilde Lake & Dunloggin) and 1 high school (Wilde Lake). For more information on our school system, contact:
Howard County 410-313-6600 website

Local Shopping

Dorsey’s Search Village Center is located on Dorsey Hall Drive off Route 108, just west of Route 29. It is managed by Kimco Realty Corporation.

Places of Interest

Dorsey’s Search is immediately adjacent to several regional amenities, including:

Fairway Hills Golf Course

Centennial Lake and Park

Columbia Association – membership to facilities (pool, gyms, golf course, ice rink, SportsPark, etc.)  The Village does not manage or sell membership to CA facilities.