Covenants Frequently Asked Questions

  • I have a dead tree on my property. Do I have to apply for the removal of the tree?

    If it is one tree on your property, you do not have to apply for the removal. We would appreciate a phone call letting us know that you are going to remove the tree. If you are removing more than one tree, we would like the resident to apply for the trees. A plat plan marked with the location of the tree being removed would be ideal.

  • What information do I need to provide when applying for an exterior change to my property?

    It all depends on the changes you want to make. I would call the Covenant Advisor. The Covenant Advisor is here to help you. They will provide you with all the information and paperwork that you need. We love when people call us.

  • My neighbor asked me to sign their application. If I don't like what they are doing, can I refuse to sign the application?

    The signature on the application is an acknowledgement of the work to be done. It does not indicate approval.

  • I submitted an application. Do I have to come to the meeting where they are going to discuss my exterior changes?

    It all depends on the application that was submitted. There are accelerated/fast track applications and regular track applications. Please speak with the Covenant Advisor as to how your application will be processed. If your application does run on the regular process track, we always tell residents that it is a good idea to come. If there are any questions or if an amendment needs to be made, it can be resolved right at the meeting that night. If you can’t make it, you might ask your contractor to attend.

  • I requested a letter of compliance because I want to sell my house. On the letter of non-compliance I received after the inspection, it noted that I needed to apply for items that were already on the property when I purchased the house. Why do I need to apply for things I didn't even change?

    The current owner is responsible for exterior changes made to the property. The violations run with the property. The question we might ask is: Did you receive a letter of compliance when you purchased the house? What is the date on the letter? If the previous owner did not provide you with a letter, a request was not made on the property and a property visit was not made prior to your purchase. If you are the current owner, you are responsible. You will need to apply for the changes. If the changes meet our guidelines and covenants, the application will most likely be approved after the fact.

  • I complained about my neighbor house about a month ago. Their house is falling apart. I haven't seen any type of repair or work being done on the property. They are absentee homeowners. Why isn't anyone doing anything about this house?

    We have to follow our violation process. An inspection needs to be made on the property. Contact needs to be made with the homeowner. This process can take several months. The Village Association and Columbia Association cannot do any type of maintenance on the house. We understand that living next door to what seems to be an abandon house can be frustrating. Please do not go onto private property. Even if you think it needs to be mowed. Please wait and let the process proceed as it is written out in our guidelines. If you need a copy of our guidelines you may view them online or you may speak with the Covenant Advisor.

  • Looking for Assistance for immediate and future needs?

    Maryland Access Point of Howard County (MAP) is a trusted source of information and assistance for Howard County residents who need or want to plan for their immediate and future needs.  MAP serves adults 50 years and older, adults 18 years and older with a disability, family members and other caregivers, and health or business professionals.  Please visit the Howard County Government website at: to read or contact them with questions.

    Phone number:  1-844-627-6465 (844-MAP-LINK)