January 2, 2024

Inclement weather 2024

If you are renting Linden Hall, Ingrid Hatz will be in contact with you.  Please email her at if she has not been in contact with you.

Winter is upon us which means the possibility of snowy, icy, or severe weather conditions.  The Village Association located at Linden Hall does not follow the delays or closings of the Howard County Public School System.  Please visit the school system’s website if you are looking for school closings and delays.  A determination on delays and closings are made for the safety of our employees.  Any delays or closings of the facility (Linden Hall) will be posted on the website, facebook, and sent via our Constant Contact email list.  We suggest you check these resources before you come and visit us or you may call us at 410-730-4005.  Please make sure someone is at the office before venturing out. Feel free to email staff as we will periodically check email if we are delayed or closed.

Village Manager, Ingrid Hatz;    Covenant Advisor, Anne McKissick;    Administrative Assistant, Nancy Meredith

Snow Removal – If your property abuts a sidewalk at the front, side, or rear, you are responsible for the removal of the snow on the sidewalk.  This is Howard County Code Section 18.402(h)(i).  The sidewalk must be cleared within 48 hours.  The County Executive may extend the time for snow removal if a snow emergency is declared.  Columbia Association will clear pathways leading to schools and Columbia Association facilities.  In the Village of Dorsey’s Search, most of the pathway system is County.  Howard County is responsible for snow removal on County property which includes roadways.  If you live in a Townhouse or Condominium Association, your local association may be responsible for the clearing of the walkways and parking areas.  Please contact your management company if you have questions about snow removal at your association.

Helpful information:  Please clear snow from the closest fire hydrant.  A nice 3 foot circumference is the suggested amount for snow removal.  This helps the fire department find the hydrant if a fire were to happen on your street.  Seconds count when it comes to a fire at your home.  Clear snow from the cluster mailbox.  If a snow emergency is declared, do not park on any designated snow emergency route.  Columbia Road is designated as a snow emergency route.

We wish our residents to stay safe and warm this winter season.