March 30, 2021

Candidate’s Night Thurs., April 15 at 7pm – View statements

Due to COVID room capacity restrictions, the Dorsey’s Search Board of Directors has directed the Election Committee to operate Candidate’s Night via Zoom on Thursday, April 15 starting at 7pm.

Please email questions for our candidates to:   Ingrid Hatz;  If you have not emailed your question to us, you may pose your question when the floor is open by using the chat feature in the Zoom app.  You will need to state your name and address.  If you prefer that only the Election Committee Chair sees the address, please ensure that that the chat message goes to Ellen Mackey and Ingrid Hatz, Village Manager.  They will monitor the questions.  Zoom Meeting Link:

Meeting ID: 840 0237 7414

Passcode: 764025

phone number:  301 715 8592  (same Meeting ID and passcode)

Please be patient and as we work through any kinks that might occur during this event.  We ask that members/residents remain muted, so we can clearly hear what the candidates have to say.  We emphasize the use of the chat feature when asking questions.  Please call the Village office if you have further questions at 410-730-4005 or email Nancy Meredith ( and Ingrid Hatz (

Candidate statements are printed in the newsletter and are posted below.

Ellen Mackey was appointed the Election Committee Chairperson at the March 10, 2021 Board of Directors meeting.  The Election Committee Chairperson will moderate the event.  Member questions may be submitted prior to Candidate’s Night.  Please email your question to the Village manager, Ingrid Hatz at  Include your name and address in the email.  Questions will be forwarded to all Candidates for a response.  The Moderator will ask each candidate a set number of questions and then the floor will be opened to questions from the Members in attendance via Zoom.

When the floor is “opened” to questions, please use the “Chat” feature on Zoom to pose your question.  The “Chat” message should be sent to the Election Committee Chair, Ellen Mackey, and Ingrid Hatz, Village Manager.  You do not have to message your address to everyone.  Members will be allowed to ask a question with one follow up question before the moderator moves on.

We encourage residents to attend Candidate’s Night.  This is the only opportunity that both candidates will be in attendance at Village sponsored forum.

Candidate Statements are below:

Dick Boulton:
It has been my privilege to spend the past six years serving Dorsey’s Search as your Columbia Association Board of Directors representative.

During that time, I successfully fought to:

  • Prevent increases in the Annual Charge.
  • Reopen the Dorsey Hall and Running Brook swimming pools this summer.
  • Build and refurbish our tot lots.
  • Preserve the Fairway Hills golf course.
  • Ensure our village gets its fair share of CA budget allocations.
  • See that resident concerns are promptly addressed.
  • Protect CA open space from encroachment.
  • Promote a new, practical, and affordable plan for Symphony Woods.

Covid had severe impact on CA, but years of experience and understanding of how CA works helped me with the difficult decisions that had to be made to save us from financial disaster.

The future now looks much brighter.  I ask for your vote to provide the steady hand that will be needed to move forward.


Marlon Brown:

I’ve lived in Maryland my whole life, but Dorsey’s Search is where my heart is.  I realize we needed to move to Columbia because our family was already spending so much time with the families that live and work here.

I am a Marine veteran, so I understand that rules must be followed, but the pandemic has uncovered unspoken and unjust rules.  I am stepping up to change those rules.

I’m running for the Columbia Association Board in Dorsey Search because the current board does not represent the families that live here.  They don’t know what our experiences are.  I want to bring that lived experience to the Board so I can represent families like mine in the community.

I want to ensure that Columbia continues to grow and foster that sense of community and rich diversity here that drove us to choose to live here to begin with.